There’s A Live Action Detective Pikachu Movie In The Works

There’s Pokémon news as far as the eye can see right now, but I promise you this is the last story I’ll write about the damnable things this week. There’s a new live action Pokémon movie in the works, but it won’t follow the story of Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. No, Legendary have picked up the rights to Pikachu Detective instead, with the current popularity of the games spurring them on to fast-track production.

Lest we forget, this Pikachu can say a few more words than your average electric mouse, and channels just a little bit of Sherlock Holmes, as he dons a deerstalker and goes about solving crimes.

With a deep voice in the Japanese release of the game – I do have my fingers crossed for a Western release some time soon – and the character’s short stature, large parts of the internet cried out for Danny DeVito to be the voice actor for any localised English language version.

Maybe he’d be up for doing the movie instead? Give it some of that Frank Reynolds charm that he’s become known for?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. It’s just a damn shame that Bob Hoskins is no longer with us, because he’d have been perfect for the role…

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