Fallout: New Vegas Details Emerge

Promising “100s of hours of gameplay”, we’ve finally gotten an idea of just what we’ll be doing during this mammoth gamimg marathon when Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas drops like an H-bomb this autumn.

Featured over in USA Today, the game’s premise and opening is discussed in some detail. “Some” being the appropriate word considering the near media blackout we’ve experienced up until now regarding the title.


Warning: what follows might be considered by some as a tad spoilerific.

It looks like you’re thrown into the crapper right from the outset, considering you’ve already been shot and are now in a shallow grave, the only help available coming from a trusty robot who prompty exumes and then carries you off to be nursed back to health by the mysterious “Doc Mitchell.”

It gets worse. Literally the bottom of the totem pole, you were a courier in your “former life”, and were obviously carrying something of significant importance to get shot over. With knowledge of this item still fresh in you head, we can only guess that your recent resurrection will be deemed as something “temporary” by the game’s underworld.

It’s not all bad news though.Thankfully, Vegas is still up and running, with the telltale gaudy lights of the strip constantly alluring you further down into abject sin, wickedness and terrible debt no doubt.

Finally, the new game, though not directly connected with Fallout 3, will mention some of the precursor’s events as a way of connecting your new experience with the wider Fallout universe.

Thanks Joystiq