Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition free download available on Epic Games Store

Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition is the latest game that is free to download from the Epic Games Store, and it will be redeemable for the next week, before another mystery game takes its place.

Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition Free Download

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition gives you access to all of the content that was released for the game, including the four DLC packs. Those are Lonesome Road, Dead Money, Honest Hearts and Old World Blues.

Review: Fallout: New Vegas

Way back in 2010 when we reviewed Fallout New Vegas, Peter wrote, “Fallout: New Vegas is a peculiar beast. It is so similar to its predecessor that it can be difficult to see where the development time was spent. While that is certainly not going to be seen as a problem for the millions of fans who spent hours with Fallout 3, it would be disingenuous to pretend that this is much more than a tweaked and relocated return to the Fallout universe.The fact that the many issues with glitches and bugs weren’t ironed out of this release would be unforgivable if the core game wasn’t so tirelessly compulsive and complex. As it is, we have to warn our readers that there are some serious problems here. Your enjoyment of the game will largely depend on how much you’re willing to forgive the issues. If you don’t mind working around them then this could be a game of the year contender, otherwise, you might just think it’s broken.”

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