Sony: PSPGo May’ve Been Too Expensive

When Sony announced the PSPgo back in October of last year, the clutch of responses from the gaming public usually focused on one of a few glaringly obviously issues. Where was the second analogue stick (it was considered, with the alienation of existing PSP users the reason why it was left out), will the PSP’s extensive backlog be digitised (as of writing, there is still a gulf between games available on UMD versus their digitally distributed form), and, the one that made all the headlines, how much?!

Speaking to IndustryGamers, Rob Dyer, Sony’s Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations, has commented on what everyone with a jot of common sense already knows. They got the price wrong. Rob states:


“We wanted to find a way to give the consumers what they want, so if they didn’t want to go to a retailer they could stay at home and download. And we were hoping really to eliminate the piracy issue. Did the PSPgo confuse [consumers]? Yeah, I think the higher price point didn’t help matters any either.

“You’ll see a lot of things coming out from us to better educate and inform the consumer. All I can say is watch this space, because we’ll have answers to those questions.”

In the article Rob also admits that Sony have yet to make much progress in the war against piracy; a battle they’re now fighting with the introduction of locking the online aspect of new games to one PSN account (see: SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3). Many, however, feel that this is also a clandestine attack on the pre-owned market, with second hand owners of games having to fork out more money if they want to enjoy their “new” game online.

In other (and strangely related) PSPGo news, North American Goers who connect their PSPGo to their PSN login details before March 31st will be eligible for a free copy of Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines (not bad) or LittleBIGPlanet PSP (absolutely awesome). Apart from making that mammoth PSPGo price a little easier to swallow, we also can’t help but think that this is another way Sony are enticing people online and experience the virtues of the PSN. Hence, in the future, when you’re thinking of buying that game new or second hand, you’ll already be educated in the benefits of steering clear of the ‘blight’ that is the pre-owned market. Either that or our hyperactive conspiracy theory spouting minds are working overtime again.

Here’s hoping another European “free PSPGo game” deal is forthcoming.