Sam & Max Heads To PS3

The ever so useful ESRB has sprouted leaks again, this time listing Xbox favourites Sam & Max on the Playstation 3.  “Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse – Episode 1: The Penal Zone” is heading towards the PSN (well, the US PSN at least).  

Sam is a calculative six-foot dog wearing a suit and a fedora, while Max is a short and aggressive “hyperkinetic rabbity thing” and they star in the episodic point and click adventure packed full of innuendo. According to the ESRB:


“The storyline is infused with one-liners and running jokes that are based largely on “play-on-words” suggestive innuendo; for example, the “penal zone,” “the carefully placed rat-dropping,” the “bowel-tingling climax.” Some of the stronger innuendo includes a line about fetishes and how “touching” is a character’s “third favourite thing to do.” The heroes sometimes use an exaggerated-sized bazooka to threaten a villain.”

Update: OK you’re going to have believe me here, Sam & Max was listed on the ERSB (SiliconEra also picked up on it), but it’s vanished now. Hmmm.