SCE To Become SNEP

As of 1st April 2010 Sony Computer Entertainment will be no more; well, the name at least. In a move to reorganise themselves SCE’s CEO Kaz Hirai will now head a new division which will encompass all of Sony’s mobile and personal computer products with the main focus on networked products.

So, if it isn’t called Sony Computer Entertainment, what is it called? You’ll now have to get used to SNEP. Whilst the ‘P’ appears to stand for ‘Platforms’ it is unclear as to what the ‘SNE’ stands for. Kotaku are hazarding a guess at ‘Sony Networked Entertainment’, which seems like a safe bet.

UPDATE: SCE will not be affected after all. Dow Jones reported that the SCE brand was to remain intact as a spin-off of the new SNEP business. A SCE UK spokesperson has now confirmed to MCVUK that SCE will remain:

This is a rather complicated manoeuvre involving the legal entity SCEI in Japan. It has no effect on any regional HQ. SCEA, SCEE etc are totally unaffected.