TSA Interviews: Barry Steakfries

The star of Age of Zombies speaks exclusively to us.

Halfbrick’s Age Of Zombies is out today in Europe (as a PSP/PS3 Minis game) and although we’re sure the development team are a lovely bunch of lads, we skipped the monkey and went straight to the organ grinder.

Coders, graphic artists and musicians don’t have anything on a gun-toting flamethrower wielding time traveller.

So, Barry, how’s things? Shot any zombies recently?

Truth be told, I’d rather be watching TV or playing backgammon. People look at me and think “wow, what a badass, oh man that guy rules.”

They are correct, of course, but I’m not all about blood, guts and scoring hot babes. I have an intellectual side too, which you can read all about in my autobiography – “Steakfries: A Legendary Barry Life”. On sale now.

We’ve got it on pre-order.  Is there any mention of your time traveling in the book?  I believe you’re quite keen?

Well, I like traveling to dinosaur times. Not only can I fight Zombie T-Rex, my arch-nemesis, but I can also hang out with super cool caveman zombies. My good caveman zombie friend, Steve Bennett, recently had a child with his wife Smashina. They named him Zombie Baby. Pretty unoriginal if you ask me.

Anywhere else?

Well, alternatively, there is Feudal Japan. I have a few friends there who enjoy my wacky take on Japanese customs, and regaling them with stories about how rad Tokyo is in the future. I brought them an Evangelion Unit 02 action figure to show off. They were impressed. One of the dudes was even named Ikari, which was pretty much the best thing ever.

We’ve got a video (above) of Zombie T-Rex.  What does he think of your antics?

He and I go way back. I was profiling local flora and fauna for my Museum Friends Club, when all of a sudden he burst out of the bushes and tried to gut me like a fish. Clearly he wasn’t impressed that I was trying to rename Stegosaurus to Steakosaurus.

What did you do?

I showed him with a swift karate chop to the junk.

You’re a violent man, which do you prefer killing – cavemen or mummies?

Cavemen are pretty adorable, so I’ve got to go with mummies. Plus, they are like, super ultra dead, having been entombed for thousands of years and so-forth. They crumble like fresh chocolate cake when shot.

Chocolate cake?

Yeah.  They don’t taste like chocolate cake though, but a little ketchup fixes everything these days.

Everyone’s in zombie games at the moment, what makes your outing so different?

Everyone is killing zombies in destroyed cities and forests. When I kill zombies, it means I’m likely to be somewhere totally cool and/or educational. If I told you about my connections to the mafia in the 1930s, I’d have to kill you…

Fair enough.  We’ll let you get to it, then, but first: steak or fries?



Both.  Injected into my veins. While I eat Steak ala Barry. While cooking more fries. While reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

Wise words.

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