Derby Road Is Named ‘Lara Croft Way’

Cast you mind back to December and you may recall that Derby County Council announced a vote to name a new road and produced a shortlist of names for its new inner city ring road. One of the suggestions was “Lara Croft Way” as Ms Croft was ‘born’ in Derby, home to the now defunct developers Core. The votes are in, the internet has spoken and Lara has won!

Councillor Lucy Care said: “The vote really captured the imagination of people from across the world and, despite my lack of gaming knowledge, I accept that a majority of 89% for Lara Croft is too overwhelming to ignore.


“She was created in Derby and deserves to stand alongside some of the more traditional icons of the city.”

Rumours that the road features two prominent mini roundabouts side by side are unconfirmed.

Source: BBC