Te Ika-a-Māui And The Japanese Giant

As I write this I am currently over 12,000 miles from home, sat in stunning location of Auckland, New Zealand. This is a tale from across the globe.

I’ve been the proud owner of both HD consoles for over six months now, and I can safely say, that as great as Microsoft’s white mammoth is, Sony’s black monolithic box sits proudly on top in my mind. For this reason, the substandard approach to advertising and marketing of the successor to one of the greatest gaming consoles of all time  from the Japanese giant is something that has both infuriated and confounded myself and all the other inhabitants of TSA Towers. Whilst it is evident that Sony have raised their game this side of Christmas, the degree of attention and floor space given to the PlayStation 3 in just two shops in New Zealand, conquers all that I have seen in the UK. Aside from the incredible amount of posters for the upcoming releases of Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III, there is a noticeable preference towards the latest member in the PlayStation family.

Floor advertising of Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet and SingStar; radio adverts for Bioshock 2 with not only a mention for PlayStation 3 but no mention of the 360, billboards for Final Fantasy XIII on PS3, pre-release posters for triple-A titles and a favourable ration of the sleek and clear PS3 boxes to the green and standard 360 boxes are just the notable mentions from a single week across the world.

Why is it that Sony can score great marks for advertising, but be 12,000 miles from the world’s second largest gaming consumer?

Perhaps it’s the increased price of gaming for the countries in Australisia, with some titles £35 titles at home, wanting astaggering NZ$139 (£61). While my spectrum for analysis has been limited to a single city, it does hold over three-quarters of the countries population and thus, the single biggest market that New Zealand can offer. Whether is was in EB Games, Dick Smith or Noel Lemmings, it was roughly 60% PS3/20% 360/20% Wii when it came to ad-space. It was truly remarkable. It just makes me think, what would happen if Sony really raised their game to this level? What are your thoughts?