Wii Are Not Impressed

Fredrik Liliegrin , the former boss of Swedish Battlefield developer DICE has launched a scathing attack on the Nintendo Wii.

Speaking to Gaming Union, Liliegrin laid into the console, calling it a virus,


Wii, to me, I would describe it as a virus that doesn’t stick, iIt’s a toy, people have got to realise the Wii is a toy, not an entertainment-focused product.

People come home with someone, they play Wii for a bit, feel it’s really cool, blah blah blah – they go out and buy one. The people that only own the Wii – ask that consumer how often they use their machine. They just don’t use it. It was cool, but they’re not gamers, so they put it away.

Other than the Wii Fit phenomenon that helped a lot of people get a nice cutie voice telling that they’re fat and need to go work out, [Nintendo] needs to find other alternatives.

Has Mr Liliegrin hit the nail on the head? Maybe, however the fact remains that the Wii is this generations most popular console and that is not going to change in the forseeable future, whether he or anybody else dislikes the fact.