Book Publisher To Work On Games

It’s been disheartening over the past few months hearing news that big game publishers such as EA are withdrawing support from original IP and focusing mainly on already well-established franchises.

But developers and publishers now have a new avenue from which to get their ideas. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that book publisher Random House have applied their skills to the video game market.


The company have set up an in-house team consisting of 15 people with the aim of creating original stories specifically for video games. They will also be using their experience to offer advice to developers when it comes to narrative structure and techniques.

They already have two projects up for sale; one is a fantasy adventure and the other is a horror thriller. Both projects come with characters, story ideas and an analysis on the type of gamer they will appeal to.

Random House have published books from some of the world’s most popular writers including John Grisham, Ruth Rendell, Kathy Reichs and my personal favourite, James Patterson. Maybe companies such as EA will be more willing to take a leap of faith when using original ideas from a source with so much experience.

It seems to be very early days for Random House’s new division but this is a scheme that could benefit every console and who knows, it may even lead to exciting new IPs.

Hopefully the success of Heavy Rain will also contribute to developers and publishers spreading their wings and trying out new ideas.

Thanks, MCV