Eurogamer Expo Returns have revealed this morning that the Eurogamer Expo will return in 2010, although this time there will only be one big show, rather than the two seperate events which took place last year.

The Expo which will take place in Earls Court, London from 1st to 3rd October and will focus on increasing the capacity to 20,000 people while still strying to maintain its core values of “you must get to play the games you came to play.”


Just like last year’s event, Eurogamer will also be hosting more developer sessions, previous highlights have included presentations from David Cage for Heavy Rain and Chet Faliszek from Valve showing Left 4 Dead 2, so expect to see more big names attending this year’s event.

There will of course be loads of games on offer to get your hands on, and TheSixthAxis team will no doubt be there too, bringing you our impressions of the games and of course talking to as many developers as we can in order to bring you the best coverage around.

It should be fun.