Indie Fund Established

Developers of some of the most original and quirky games to ever hit the PSN and XBLA have banded together to create Indie Fund – a scheme for independent developers to gain funding for their projects.

As their website states, Indie Fund will aim to “support the growth of games as a medium by helping indie developers get financially independent and stay financially independent.”


Indie Fund comprises of developers from Flower, Braid, Critter Crunch, World of Goo, Off-Road Velociraptor Safari and Armadillo Gold Rush. They already have several projects ready to announce and the group will be appearing at the GDC to talk about the need for such a scheme.

Speaking with Gamasutra, Ron Carmel (co-creator of World of Goo) outlined the new business:

Most developers today fund their games by bootstrapping or by signing a publishing deal. In many cases, those indies that sign a publishing deal don’t really need a publisher; they just need funding and can easily handle everything else themselves. Indie Fund provides the funding, but without the overhead or the loss of freedom associated with a publishing deal.

He explains that Indie Fund will allow developers to keep full control over every aspect of their game, but, as well as funds, it will offer advice and opinions on design and business.

The group of seven developers will fund and manage the business entirely by themselves with the possibility of more investors joining if things go well. There are already underway with several projects being discussed and negotiated but a “more open” application process will soon become available.

Indie Fund won’t necessarily guarantee success and Carmel admits that if a game fails they will “have to kiss [the funding money] goodbye”.

They currently have no plans to work on the basis of X number of games a year but rather to help games develop as a “medium of expression” and keep indie games viable.