Infinty Ward: Still On For COD 2011?

2011 may see not one but two Call Of Duty titles from Activision, according to a leaked memo sourced G4. The memo from Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith reads:

“2010 is expected to be another big year for Call of Duty, with Treyarch developing a new title for fall release, Infinity Ward’s downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2 in the works now, and a new Call of Duty title expected to be released in 2011.”

“In addition, Sledgehammer Games is in development on a Call of Duty title in the action-adventure genre. It’s an exciting time and it’s the right time to ensure the appropriate resources are there to support Call of Duty’s growth.”

The important phrase being “in addition“. The Sledgehammer COD title is rumoured by MCV to be something other than FPS, which ties in the press release stating COD will move to “other genres”. It will be released alongside the traditional annual COD title. Treyarch are developing the 2010 title so if Infinity Ward are still on COD duties then 2011 is their turn.

Sticking with Infinity Ward, crystal ball gazing analysts have been voicing concerns. As reported by IndustryGamers, Broadpoint AmTech analyst Ben Schachter hypothesises:

“Disruptions at Infinity Ward could, however, affect quality/timing of the downloadable content (DLC) for Modern Warfare 2″

Ben also speculated – and note that this is pure specualtion – that  the disruption and subsequent removal of the Infinty Ward top dogs  ‘may have stemmed from possible M&A activity’. ‘M&A’ is mergers and aquisitions – in other words someone was looking to buy Infinity Ward.

“”…our ATVI note last week mentioned recent chatter regarding possible M&A interest about Infinity Ward from private equity firms and others. The disruptions described in the 10-K may be related, although we cannot confirm that,”