Lunchtime Discussion: The Good

Today sees the start of three linked discussions, the good, the bad and the ugly. Today we look at heroes.

Nathan Drake, Master Chief, Lara Croft, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. Sure they may all be very different characters, but the one thing they all are is heroes. OK so they’re not exactly doctors, cops or firemen, but they’ve all helped to save their own virtual world’s numerous times.

That’s right today we’re going to talk about heroes (and tomorrow  it’ll be time to look at villains). Everyone has they’re favourite, the character they love to see, to identify with, the hero they want to see save the world time after time. If we’re talking solely about games then it has to be Sonic for me. I’ve talked about my love of the Sonic games numerous times, but I enjoy the character as well. When you boil it down he’s saving fluffy animals, how can you not love that?


In a more modern era I enjoy the adventures of a certain Master Chief Petty Office of the Navy, John-117. Whilst his face is never shown, there is still a character there to enjoy. As I’ve talked about in the past he’s fleshed out a lot more in the books, but his character in the games is still strong and identifiable. He’s always fun to play as and his interaction with Cortana is both touching and funny.

Of course if we go outside of just games we can talk about Batman, although I won’t write the pages and pages I could about the force of nature that is the Dark Knight. Instead I’ll throw the topic open, who is your favourite gaming hero? What character do you love to come back to?

Thanks to Roynaldo for suggesting this series of articles via the Twitters. Have your own idea? Why not suggest it?