Kojima: MGS: Peace Walker Is Teen

Hideo Kojima’s English Twitter feed is an invaluable and, dare we say it, insightful look into the mind of a master craftsman. When he’s not talking about Tonjiru (pork soup) or wondering if his friends in Infinity Ward are OK, he’s revealing why MGS: Peace Walker has been rated Teen and not Mature. Kojima-san says:

“This time around we wanted to go for a “T” rating since it’s on the PSP. There is no bloodshed effects so the younger crowd can enjoy it as well. But the MGS world and theme lives on. The script is seriously written…anti-nuke and anti-war with the nuclear deterrence theory as the backbone. Wish it could of been “E.””

The Metal Gear mastermind also expresses his opinion on the practice of tweaking what is obviously blood into what appears to be something different, opining that such tactics are “foolish.”


“In order to portray true violence “bloodshed effects” are inevitable. Changing the color of blood is just plain foolish, but since we are releasing on the PSP, we wanted the younger crowd to enjoy PW as well. I wanted to include blooshed, but MGS is not a fantasy game so at that point it was a no go.”

Peace Walker on the PSP, which Kojima-san has recently suggested is a “test” for the platform, hits Europe in May.