‘Modern Warfare 2’ Attack Kotick

IGN have published the full lawsuit that the ‘Modern Warfare 2’, Jason West and Vince Zampella, have filled against Activision. Of particular note is the direct attack on outspoken boss, Bob Kotick. Bob may be regretting some of those misjudged comments he made in the past as they seem have come back to bite him on the bum. The document reads:

“This lawsuit is solely and regrettably the result of the astonishing arrogance and unbridled greed of defendant Activision.”


“Such actions are not surprising, given that Activision is run by a CEO who has been publicly quoted as believing that the best way to run a video game studio in to engender a culture of “scepticism, pessimism and fear” and prefers to pay his lawyers instead of his employees.

The document also details how Infinity Ward staff was questioned,

“On little notice, Activision insisted on conducting interviews over the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend; West and Zampella were interrogated for over six hours in a windowless conference room; Activision investigators brought other Infinity Ward employees to tears in their questioning and accusations and threatened West and Zampella with “insubordination” if they attempted to console them;”

More news as we get it…

Source: IGN