Portal 2 On The Way (update)

Valve, what can you say about this talented developer? Their games speak for themselves, with Left 4 Dead and The Orange Box providing plenty of hours entertainment for gamers.

The problem with Valve, however is that they are not really fans of the PS3. So, with today’s announcement that they are planning to release Portal 2, you have to wonder if PS3 gamers are to be left out in the cold yet again.


Left 4 Dead, an excellent game that it is, was sadly missing from Sony’s black beauty, as was its brilliant sequel. The Orange Box meanwhile, which included five excellent games, was released on the PS3, although sadly this turned out to be a poor port when compared to other versions.

So what of Portal 2, will Valve finally make a game for PS3 themselves? Well it has been suggested that this may be the case, as in a recent interview with IGN, Chet Faliszek  did say that “before we do anything on the PS3 we need to be able to support it in the right way, but we’ll look at it, and I’m sure down the road we’ll do it.”

These of course are encouraging words, but whether they will materialize in time for PS3 owners to see Portal 2, only time will tell.

Thanks Charmed_Fanatic


Valve’s Doug Lombardi has told Eurogamer that the game’s due for PC and Xbox 360 only, maybe Portal 3 then PS3 fans.