Ghost Recon Future Soldier Details

OPM have revealed the first details of Ghost Recon Future Soldier in their latest magazine and details as always have now hit the net.

So what do we know? Well, it seems that the next game takes place 10-15 years after Advanced Warfighter and that the Ghosts are now out to stop an ultranationalist group that’s managed to depose the Russian president. Also the Ghost now have new futuristic equipment (hence the name) such as stealth cloaks, armoured drones and exo skeleton legs, interesting eh?


The exo skeleton legs supposedly make your character very agile, allowing him to jump, roll and generally strut his stuff all over the battlefield. Finally we now also know that the game includes 4 player drop in, drop out and also character classes, which bring their own benefits such as class specific bonuses etc.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier currently has no firm release date.