Yakuza 4 Localisation Discussed

Yakuza 3 is out in Europe this week, a full year after its release in its native land of Japan. Not ones to rest on their laurels after 3’s initial appearance, however, Sega went full-steam ahead into development of the next in the series, Yakuza 4. Due for release next week in Japan, Sega of America’s Aaron Webber has commented over on the official US PlayStation blog in relation to the fourth chapter of Kiryu-san’s adventures also seeing a Western outing.

Expectedly, when it comes to the next chapter’s possible localisation, Aaron believes actions speak louder than words. He states:


“I would encourage all fans of the series to show their support for Yakuza by picking up a copy [of Yakuza 3]. At the end of the day, numbers often speak loudest.”

In other news, Aaron has also taken the opportunity to respond to the recurring request for trophies in Valkyria Chronicles. He responds:

“With regard to Valkyria – there hasn’t been any official word on a Trophy patch, but I have made sure the request is heard, both for you and for all the fans out there who would love to see them.”

We can live in hope.