Slide to Unlock: Issue 3

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is already one of the most popular games on the iphone and with good cause, it’s easy to pick up and play, its addictive and its just brilliant fun. The concept is simple really, you take control of a little green alien and use the accelerometer to steer him up the various platforms which appear on the left to the right of the screen. Being a game there are some twists, some platforms will disappear, while others crumble underneath his feet, therefore getting up to the top of the screen does get very challenging.


Other twists in the game include pick ups such as a jetpack which rockets you through the air, while there are also springs and other devices to give you a boost. The aim of the game is to get as high a score as possible, allowing you to claim your place on the leaderboard and boast about your score to your friends via the in built twitter functionality. Graphically the game is quite basic, however it has a certain charm about it, which will also help to have you come back for more.


Overall the best thing we can say about this game is, if you haven’t played Doodle Jump on your iphone yet then your phone is incomplete.. JA


MX Mayhem

The springy, bone-rattling excitement of motor cross arrives on iPhone and brings with it a touch-n-tilt interface that isn’t broken. Which is more than can be said for the rider you control, who will fly through the air and crush his skull on many an occasion when negotiating the obstacles. It’s all in good fun though and the generous restarts ensure you’ll make steady progress through the horizontally scrolling courses.

The touch takes care of power and braking, while the tilt brilliantly handles the shifting of your rider’s weight. Some fantastic aerial gymnastics are possible as you desperately attempt to land correctly, and you’ll often be left grinning when a particularly fraught leap of faith is expertly completed.

The lack of courses is disappointing, but there is enough here to justify the purchase. And, if nothing else, you get to witness touch-n-tilt done properly. ML



A superbly polished, top-down bomb-’em-up, iBomber pares back the controls to give a tight, bombastic experience. Cast as a bomber pilot, you are tasked with various missions that involve dropping tonnes of incendiary hell on everything from enemy planes, ships, and gun emplacements, to factories and power plants. You’re under constant fire from the things you’re trying to destory, and strategy is all-important as you attempt to destroy the most troublesome enemies before your plane spirals to a flaming death.

Various ordnance is available as power-ups, and whilst it’s tempting to just rain death in a gung-ho manner, you’ll soon learn that careful use of your resources is essential for long-term survival. As are the red cross health packs that appear all too infrequently.

Full of missions, with simple but responsive controls, and superb graphics and audio, this is one game just waiting to detonate all over your touch screen. ML