Yakuza 5 Announced

Sega have revealed that they are already working on Yakuza 5, even though the third game in the series has only just hit Europe and the fourth game isn’t out in Japan until Thursday.

According to Andriasang, who translated an article from Famitsu Magazine, the fifth game in the series was referred to as “Project K” and is being worked on by series director Toshihiro Nagoshi.

During a press conference which was taking place for Yakuza 4 in Tokyo, Sega showed off a image movie which showed a familiar Kamurocho neon entrance sign and a Young Man walking along in the rain, a few pieces of text also flashed up saying:

  • The boy knew it
  • The graveness of the crimes he continued to commit
  • But the boy still doesn’t know
  • The cruel fate that awaits
  • Also, the boy knows
  • That fighting is his destiny

Finally we are told that the video ended with “A new challenge for Ryu ga Gotoku starts” (“Ryu ga Gotoku” is the Japanese name for the Yakuza series).

So there we go, a fifth game on the way already, now to get our hands on the third.