DS Successor Announced

We don’t usually report on the goings on in the land of Nintendo here on TheSixthAxis, but when they announce a successor to the über-popular DS series we take notice. On a press release on Nintendo’s Japanese site they announced:

Nintendo will launch the Nintendo 3DS during fiscal year ending March 2011, on which games can be enjoyed with 3d effects without the need for special glasses.
Nintendo 3DS is going to be the new portable gaming machine to succeed the Nintendo DS series whose cumulative sales amounted to 125m units and will include backward compatibility so that software for the DS series including the DSi can also be enjoyed.

Further details will be forthcoming at June’s E3, when we’ll hopefully find out of this is the much rumoured DS2 or just another SKU in the current DS series. Either way it’s great they’re enabling full backwards compatibility, something which will help the upgrade path of their current customers base and given the low sales of the PSPgo will be something that Sony will do well to take note of whenever the PSP2 is announced.

Source: Nintendo.jp [.pdf]