Hydro Thunder Returns!

Remember Hydro Thunder? It was an arcade hit and made for a superb Dreamcast port, but regardless – it’s getting an update and it’ll be out exclusively on the Xbox 360 this summer.  Developers Vector Unit will be adding eight all new environments, new boats and boosting the visuals (including some stunning water effects).

“We’re huge fans of the original Hydro Thunder,” says Matt Small, Creative Director at Vector Unit. “There’s so much there that already works – the exhilarating boost speeds, the crazy shortcuts, the gigantic jumps and drop-offs. We knew we wanted to keep all of that – even add more of it.”

“At the same time, we had to bring something new to the table, something more than just recreating the original game with high-res graphics.”

Technical Director Ralf Knoesel adds, “The water physics engine is completely new. Everything affects the racing surface – the boats leave wakes behind them that other boats can jump off or draft in, falling rocks and explosions create huge waves, we’ve got wave machines, whirlpools, the works.”

Hydro Thunder Hurricane introduces support for 8-player online racing on Xbox LIVE. The game also allows for local split screen multiplayer with up to 4 players – or any combination of local and online play. In addition to races, players can team up in the new Rubber Ducky game mode.