Doctor Who Not Exclusive to Wii

The official Doctor Who website announced this Wednesday that the Doctor Who franchise would be hitting PC and Mac as early as June this year, way ahead of the exclusive-to-Wii Christmas-dated game. While we’re not normally commenting on the world of PCs and Macs, it’s interesting that the BBC have taken an exclusive game and made a completely different one based on the new Doctor for a different platform. With the PC, Mac and Wii now catered for, how long do we have until the man in the bowtie is appearing on the Xbox 360 and PS3?

The PC and Mac game is defined as a series of “interactive episodes”, and not one game. There will be four ‘episodes’ available from the Doctor Who website to download for free from June, and follow the new Doctor and his ginger kissogram, Amy Pond. The name of this episodic game is to be revealed on the 21st April, and the story has been written by the epic Stephen Moffat (the one who’s written all the best Doctor Who TV episodes).


As this series is free, it sounds like a testing ground for a possible exploration into computer and console gaming for Doctor Who. The team could be testing out gameplay mechanics for a protagonist who can’t wield a gun, and what sort of situations work best. Doctor Who itself is a great franchise to take to gaming simply because of its nature as a variety performance. While one game could be about reaching the edge of the universe in 2059, another could be about WWII London. It’s important to note that this is not the same game planned for Wii, but does look like it’s had a while in development. Check out some screenshots below.

Thanks, BBC