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PSN Dragon Age: Why So Expensive?

I do not often get wound up about things. Normally it is just not worth it.  Just as well really because you would not like me when I am angry.  Not because I have exposed myself to gamma radiation in some physics lab, simply because I am nowhere near as funny as Peter when he is angry.

When you read this week’s TSA Times you will have seen that I had a go on News Hound’s soapBOX.  I had only borrowed the soapBOX so I could reach the biscuits that the tall members of staff keep putting back on the top shelf.  Once I was on it News Hound would not let me back down again until I had vented my spleen on the subject I had been complaining about all week.  There was only room for the short version in TSA Times, here comes the long one.

We all complain about the pricing of items on the PSN Store from time to time, but it has taken one specific example to get me especially wound up about it.  That example is the Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening DLC.  If you’ve read enough TSA you will have gathered that I am a big fan of Dragon Age: Origins and play more than is perhaps healthy by some measures.  I was looking forward to playing the Awakening DLC, but at £31.99 for something that offers only 25% of the length of the game play in DA:O itself (and £20 will buy you the DA:O Collector’s Edition now) it is just over-priced.

On initial comparison the US PSN Store price at $39.99 looks a lot cheaper than the UK’s.  At the time of writing the exchange rate means that $39.99 is actually worth £26.27.  That is a difference of just under £6.  Adding VAT of 17.5% brings that up to £30.87, so assuming there is no sales tax on the US price (am I right US TSAers?) things don’t look quite so bad, but we are kind of used to being on the disadvantaged end of US to UK price ‘conversions’.

What makes it far, far worse is comparing the UK PSN price to the PC and 360 prices here in Blighty.  Just using as a reference for pricing I can buy Awakening for the PC for just £14.91.  I could buy it on disc for the 360 for £24.97.  Of course, thanks to SCEE’s rules you cannot buy Awakening on disc for the PS3.  Turning to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace does not help either as there it costs 3200 Microsoft Points.  Given that I can buy (again from Amazon) 2100 MMP for £17.99, 3200 is the equivalent of £27.41.

As a fan and player of Dragon Age on the PS3 in the UK, I am being screwed not only by the US->UK price disparity, I am also being screwed simply because PlayStation is my platform of choice.  I have been trying to play less Dragon Age and as it stands, the pricing of Awakening on PSN might be the one thing that cures my addiction.

I’m sorry BioWare, though Dragon Age: Origins is a great game that I have loved playing, as far as Awakening is concerned I’m voting with my wallet and refusing to pay the extortionate price that has been applied to it on PSN.  I’ll reconsider if the price ever drops.

Awakening’s is not the only poorly-comparing price on PSN.  Are there any that you have found particularly hard to stomach?