PS3 Tops Five Million In Japan

Enterbrain have revealed that the PS3 has now topped over 5 million domestic sales in Japan.

The sales data, which covers consoles sold in Japan from the November 11th 2006 launch date until 11th April 2010, states that a told of 5,001,598 consoles have now been sold in the region.


Enterbrain also listed the top selling games for the PS3 and perhaps unsurprisingly it was Final Fantasy XIII that came out on top with 1,883,828 units sold. In second place Metal Gear Solid 4 managed to shift 706,461 units and third is the relatively new Yakuza 4 with 526,093 units.

Not bad eh? Maybe all that PS3 doom and gloom which accompanied the launch is finally in the past.

Thanks, Andriasang