iPhone 4 Is Real? Really?

We don’t normally report on iPhone goings-on outside of our weekend slot, but when the biggest tech leak ever is happening it’s worth further discussion.  Essentially, an Apple employee is alleged to have ‘left’ a prototype iPhone 4 in a bar, and after being picked up and eventually grabbed by Gizmodo, the world can witness this year’s biggest gadget unveil just that little bit earlier.

MCV is reporting that there’s a very good chance all this is real, and the product above is the new iPhone. So, real? Well, it was running OS4 (although this was apparently remotely disabled by Apple), contains entirely Apple components and connects to iTunes, as you’d expect.  New feature wise, it’s completely flat, uses Micro-SIMs (like the iPad) and a higher resolution display, presumably with a higher spec CPU, too.

If the leak is real, someone’s in trouble.  If it’s staged, it’s probably the best round of free PR we’ve ever seen.