Crash Team Racing Returns!

Everybody remembers Crash Team Racing – well, you do if you owned a PlayStation because you had to – it was all part of the fanboy wars of the time as Sony diehards desperately tried to convince themselves that CTR (to the hardcore) was better than Mario Kart.  Piffle.

In Crash’s favour, Mario Kart games have diluted a little recently, and so it’s rather exciting to learn that somebody, somewhere is working on a new Crash Team Racing game – news of the week?  Maybe.


That somebody is High Impact Games, and that somewhere is Burbank, California.

The online portfolio of a certain Justin Rasch, a surname so close to Crash we’re not sure if this is all one big wind-up, proudly statest that he’s been working on a ‘prototype’ for the game since 2006.  4 years is quite some time, but it’s still going, so there’s still hope that it’s alive.

Rasch was (is?) the ‘lead animator’ on the project, responsible for in game characters, cinematics, and all the animation, as you’d expect.  We’re assuming this went as far as a pitch, but seeing as we’ve not heard anything about the game at all it’s not clear whether this will ever see light of day.

At least there’ll be another Mario Kart soon, eh?

Via GoNintendo.