Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled – a Grand Prix guide to Nitro Tour glory

Activision’s Crash Team Racing remake has gone down well with fans and critics (just catch our review to find out why), but after taking this trip down memory lane, we’ve found ourselves wanting even more from Nitro-Fueled.

That’s where the Nitro Tour Grand Prix comes in. This is the first planned live event for CTR and one that adds a whole new progression system to the game, pitting players against a rotating series of challenges with some big rewards up for grabs. Here’s everything you need to know.


How to access the Nitro Tour Grand Prix

If you already own a copy of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, you don’t need to purchase anything else to access the Nitro Tour Grand Prix, though you must have the newest update installed.

Take note that if you’re playing offline you won’t be able to access the Grand Prix menu. You won’t be able to visit the Pit Stop and no Wumpa Coins or Nitro Points will be awarded when racing.

When does Nitro Tour end?

Nitro Tour began on July 3rd and will run through most of the month until July 28th. Beenox has yet to announce when its second CTR Grand Prix will be, though it seems likely that there will be a rest period between Nitro Tour and the next season.

The points you earn during Nitro Tour will accumulate, but won’t be carried into the next Grand Prix. If you rank among the top 5% of players for total Nitro Points collected, you will unlock a special new kart.

What rewards are there?

Each Grand Prix will offer a variety of new items which can be either be unlocked or purchased from the Pit Stop. There are some characters, karts, and cosmetics that are tied to your Grand Prix progression and once the season ends you will no longer be able to unlock them.

However, Beenox has hinted that they might be available to buy at a later date via the Pit Stop. It would be a shame for some of the racers and their vehicles to simply vanish for good.

How do I unlock them?

If you’ve been chipping away Nitro-Fueled’s solo content or diving into online races, you should already have some Wumpa Coins in your virtual wallet.

Take a trip to the Pit Stop and you’ll find a new selection of purchase options. Most of these will be tied to the Nitro Tour season.

However, as touched on before, there are some rewards that can only be unlocked by earning Nitro Points. These are doled out after every race, the amount you receive depending on your finishing position, though you’ll still get a handful just for participating.

These will feed into a progress bar that is split into six chunks – each time you hit one of these milestones you’ll unlock something. Once the bar is full you’ll move onto the next tier, starting at bronze, then silver, then gold.

To max out bronze tier you’ll need 5,000 Nitro Points, 17,000 for silver, and 42,000 for gold. Reaching gold effectively “completes” the season, though you’ll still want to compete for a place on the global leaderboards.

The best way to earn Nitro Points

To get the most amount of Nitro Points in the shortest amount of time requires both skill and organisation. Even if you’re averaging a podium finish in each online race, the total number of points you earn will barely being in the double digits.

To earn more points, you need to spend some Wumpa Coins. Go straight to the Pit Stop where you’ll notice a small green Nitro tag next to each of the available items. This indicates the extra percentage of Nitro Points you’ll earn when this item is equipped, so make sure your loadout is fully optimised from character and kart, right down to your decal.

Next, you’ll want to dip into the Grand Prix menu. The bottom half of the screen will display a shopping list of challenges you can complete to earn yourself some hefty Nitro Point payouts.

There are five different types of challenges including quick, daily, weekly, theme, and pro. Quick challenges are easy and rotate every several hours, but are only worth 100 points a pop. Daily and weekly challenges are worth a bit more, but it’s the themed and pro challenges you’ll want to focus on as these can shell out up to 750 Nitro Points.

Make a mental note of match types as well as character and track names, as this could allow you to combo several challenges at once.

If you hit a plateau or find these too tough, then just make sure you’re logging on regularly to bank as many points from quick and daily challenges.

Nitro Tour tips & tricks

Here’s a very quick double dose of advice. Some challenges become fairly trivial if you race against AI in local play and bosh the difficulty down to easy. Or, better yet, boot up local multiplayer then remove other AI racers and tweak the weapon power up settings to boost some of the more skill based challenges.

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