Firmware 3.30 Breaks Dragon Age

So close.

Sony’s firmware engineers have worked wonders since the PS3’s launch, bringing PS2 backwards compatibility, some amazing movie upscaling and completely changed the face of the console with the birth of Trophies.  However, each update brings with it a ridiculous amount of bad press, including a minority who claim the new system software has ‘bricked’ their machine.

Anecdotal in the main, of course, but there’s sometimes evidence behind the rants, and this time it’s owners of Western RPG Dragon Age: Origins that are feeling the burn.  The twelve page forum thread on Biowares’s site, filled with users complaining that their newly updated PlayStations are continously crashing, is proof indeed that not every firmware update goes prefectly smoothly.

“The game has crashed like 7 times in an hour,” says one member, and others go on to narrow down the fault to during the pop-up menu or spinning the camera, with or without a PSN connection.  The crashing glitch affects all models of PS3, too, locking it down to a conflict between the game and whatever Sony did last with the update – perhaps that’s another for the pile of secret changes, eh?

3.31 incoming?  Let’s hope so.

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