DJ Hero Gets New Tracks

Guitar Hero gets tracks pretty much every week, poor old DJ Hero is not so lucky so rejoice at the news that a whole three – yes three – new tracks are about to be launched. They are

  • “Sandstorm” by Darude Mixed With “Higher State of Consciousness” by Josh Wink
  • “Wolfgang’s Fifth Symphony” beat juggle by Wolfgang Gartner
  • “Red Mist VIP” beat juggle by Danny Byrd

You have probably heard of the first two tracks or at least could identify them as “that track that goes duh-de-duh-de-du-du-duh.” Sandstorm was a rip off of Higher State Of Consciousness so it’s not exactly rocket science to put them together.


Wolfgang Gartner is, quelle suprise, an American producer who has had a Pete Tong “essential new tune of the week”. You won’t be hearing any of his tunes down you local nightclub on a Saturday night.

Danny Byrd is.. oh my lord.. an English producer! An English Drum and Bass Producer no less, and someone I’ve actually heard of as he remixed the classic “Sweet Harmony” by Liquid a few years back. His track “Red Mist” reached No.1 in the UK Dance charts so there is small chance you may know it. Possibly.

Now if the DJ hero team are looking for other UK #1 Dance chart mash up artists… *cough*

All three tracks will be available as ‘The Domination Mix Pack’ from today in the US for 640 Microsoft Points and on May 11th via the PSN. No dates for Europe as yet.

Source: PRNews