DJ Hero “Best New IP Of 2009”

Activision have announced that DJ Hero was the #1 intellectual property by revenue in the US and Europe for 2009. Batman: Arkham Asylum (3.16 million sales according to VgChartz) may have outsold the game in terms of units (Activision are not releasing actual unit sales) but the investor release states that the title is top when it comes to revenue. Perhaps this is an indication of Activision trying out new pricing schemes, DJ Hero retailed around the £100 mark and you may recall Modern Warfare 2 was also priced higher than a normal game. The release goes on to feature a quote from Bob Kotick,

“Consumers and critics agree that DJ Hero is one of the best music games ever created,” he says, perhaps forgetting what he said yesterday. Bob then continues,


“[DJ Hero] further establishes Guitar Hero as the premier franchise of its kind.”

So that’s DJ Hero, top new IP from the Guitar Hero franchise.