Bob Kotick: DJ Hero Didn’t Get it Right

Activision boss Bob Kotick has admitted that DJ Hero did not get ‘it’ right, whatever ‘it’ is. Speaking to Game Informer, Bob said;

…if you’re going to make a commitment to doing something original, the odds are that you’re not going to get it right on the first chance. I think DJ Hero is a really innovative product. I can’t wait for you to see next year’s. That’s the thing; we’re sticking with it. We’ll stick with it and get it right.

Mr. Kotick’s remarks came after he read my thoughts on DJ Hero. Shortly after the article was posted, Bob called TSA Towers* and thanked us for pointing out Activision’s mistakes.


“I’m such a silly old pudding!”, Bob apologised*, “It won’t happen again I promise*.”

DJ Hero 2 been officially confirmed for 2010 with ‘friend to the one from Destinys Child who isn’t Beyonce’ and chart botherer, DJ David Guetta, rumoured to be on board.

Source: Game Informer

* This may not be true.