Dragon Age Patch Imminent

[Update] It's out. Go get it.

Updating the Dragon Age: Origins community on the official forum, BioWare have revealed that a patch for the game’s recent freezing issues is on its way. In fact, it might already be available in some territories. The patch actually addresses a number of issues, the biggest being an incompatibility issue between Sony’s 3.3 firmware update and the popular hack’n’slash RPG that resulted in persistent and game-ending freezes for many players. Chris Priestly comments:

We are very pleased to announce that there will be a PS3 patch available later tonight for the Playstation 3 version of Dragon Age: Origins. The patch is expected at 12 Midnight tonight PST for North America. We do not have an exact time for Europe, but we hope the times will be as close together as possible.

This patch will fix the recent crashing that was caused by the upgrade to the 3.3 firmware update. It will also fix the in-game DLC store to show free DLC content redeemed with promo codes and it will also fix the bug with darkspawn trophies.

The update couldn’t come at a better time, with BioWare planning on releasing new DLC, the previously discussed Darkspawn Chronicles, very soon. Chris continues, “Big thanks go out to the team and to the good folks at Sony for making this a priority to help us launch The Darkspawn Chronicles which will be available starting tomorrow. […] It will be available for Europe on Wednesday May 19, when we know the time, we will let you know.”

Update: It’s out now. (Thanks Zander)

Source: BioWare forums

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