Bonus Content: Issue 12

YouTube turned 5 years-old the other day so today’s Bonus Content is a way of saying Happy Birthday to the video-sharing behemoth.

It now receives in excess of 2bn hits A DAY and it shows no sign of slowing down. For 5 years it has been giving the world the chance to watch ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s made us laugh, it’s made our jaws drop and it’s even helped people find stardom.

Take Federico Alvarez, for example. After millions logged on to watch his short film Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!), Federico received a phone call from Warner Brothers Studios. He has now been signed on to direct a multi-million dollar movie for the company.

YouTube is a very powerful tool; even Obama used it heavily during his Presidential Campaign. It’s now become a marketing tool for any and all major record labels, movie studios, games companies, retail outlets, events, news organisations and political parties.


It’s given people a level of freedom of speech and expression that many had never seen before…although reading some of the comments that people leave makes you wonder how certain individuals are allowed any contact with the real world at all.

But you’re not interested in this at all, are you? No, you want to see sneezing Pandas, finger-biting babies, unlikely Opera stars and Darth Vader being silly.

There are more videos on YouTube than I can even comprehend so we’re going to see what clips have been grabbing your attention, for whatever reason. Here are 5 of my favourite YouTube clips:

Baby Ethan:
There is something about a baby’s laugh. It’s one of those sounds that will instantly put a smile on my face and this clip of a baby named Ethan has got to be the funniest of the lot. Highly amused by ripping paper…reminds you of a simpler time, doesn’t it?!


Keyboard Genius:
I have been following Ronald Jenkees for a while now and although he’s been disappointingly quiet recently his library of videos are still regularly visited by me because he is a genius. It only adds to his talent that most of his tunes are improvised.

Leerooooooooy Jenkins:
This one’s probably not new to you gaming peeps but I just couldn’t leave it out of the list. Angering WoW players is something that shouldn’t be tried at home…unless you’re filming it and planning to post online for our amusement.

Recipe for Awesomeness:
Beatboxing, when done right, can be an amazing thing to watch. But when done with such skill in a comedic routine it becomes all kinds of awesome.

Tidy Monster:
There are some extremely talented people out there and the makers of ‘Tidy Monster’ are no exception. Although slightly weird, this animation is atmospheric, expertly done and highly original.

Share the love and let us know about your favourites. In fact, let us see anything even remotely funny, outrageous, dangerous or genius.