What Ico HD Might Look Like

Yesterday’s rumours centred around a Team Ico collection have got our heads in a spin – Ico in high definition could be absolutely wonderful.  Yes, we were told a few things yesterday but there’s still absolutely nothing in concrete and certainly nothing we could class as official.

Still, that hasn’t got us wondering what Ico might look like if there was to be HD remake for the PS3.  The original ran at a ridiculously low resolution (something like 320×240) because of the graphical tricks it was doing (bloom lighting and key frame animation to name just two innovations) and suffered a less than perfect frame rate, but surely with the grunt of the PlayStation 3 behind it Ico could look amazing, right?

Well, these shots are from an emulator running on a PC (via GAF), and go some way to show how Ico HD (or whatever it’s called) might look.

One word: fantastic.

But whilst we’re here it’s worth re-iterating again: we don’t know whether all this is just pipe dreams.  We trust our source, but until Sony say either way whether the double pack is real (presumably at E3, if they do) all this is pinch of salt worthy, sorry.  Still, at least Ueda is keen