TerRover Hands-On

Creat’s latest is something of a surprise, but having seen the game grow from sketchy concept to E3 ready PlayStation exclusive, it’s clear that this is a studio confident in their own ability to craft a game that might not wow visually but somehow manages to capture the very essence of what a downloadable title should be all about: gameplay.

Something that TerRover, has in spades. Based on a singular mechanic, that of a lone lunar vehicle trapped inside a vector platformer, this glowing, neon crawlathon sees the titular craft zooming, flipping and jumping across holes, levels and planets in a narrow minded mission which, whilst allowing the player to flit freely from area to area, never strays from its principles.


Your mission is simple, but the controls might not be, and it takes a few levels to really get the hang of everything the game wants you to do, and although the game is very definitely 2D, you’ll quickly need to manage both vertical and horizontal reversals, especially as your TerRover can only ever move forward.  It’s an interesting ideal but you’ll need practice.

Still, bucketloads of levels await the patient gamer, and through Gravity Crash-esque graphics and increasingly complex challenges, TerRover offers plenty to get your teeth into.  I’ve only spent limited time with the game’s ultimate version, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played.  The world will keep spinning without it, but Creat’s new PS3 title makes it just that little bit sweeter.

Editor’s note: clean screenshots were unavailable at the time of going to press so we’ve had to use the early ones IGN posted.