Tales Of Monkey Island PS3 Bound

This is fantastic news – the utterly brilliant five part Tales of Monkey Island series is heading to the PS3 next week, and it’s only $19.99 too.  Whilst there’s no word of a European release date, we’re hoping it won’t be too far behind with developers Telltale saying final dates are to be announced shortly.

“Tales of Monkey Island has been an incredible hit, and we’re excited to bring it to PS3 gamers next week,” says Telltale Senior VP of Marketing Steve Allison. “If you haven’t grabbed Tales of Monkey Island yet, now is a great time.”

If you don’t know anything about the Tales Of series, it follows on from the previous Monkey Island games and, whilst each part is a story in its own right, the overarching theme of Guybrush Threepwood’s quest to get rid of the Pox of LeChuck and get back with his wife has been hugely successful on other formats.

Source: press release, via PSNStores.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh! my ps3 keeps shutting itself down. ive had ylod before and it doesn’t seem to be that because there is no yellow light, although i doubt its overheating because its well ventilated and i was only playing on it for about 30 mins. im gonna leave it for the night to see if it gets better. but if it doesn’t then ahhhhhhhhhh!

    • and what’s that got with monkey island

      • monkey island is on ps3 and my ps3 is potentially breaking, meaning that i might not be able to play this game, hence the ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • ok, but we figured you couldnt play it, but you sound like you phoning the engineer?!

  2. The Americans get loads of stuff we don’t. They’ve got Resident evil, Silent Hill.. Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis..THIS
    Sod off America. Sod off and give us your games.

    • Just make an American PSN account, I made one just because I wanted Spyro.

      • I’ve got one but I can’t buy anything without a credit card.

  3. Do what you want `cuz a pirate is free,
    You are a pirate!

  4. Wait I saw someone playing it last night, I assumed it was out already but I had missed it with store being ducked

  5. i want this game so bad, it looks awesome

  6. I don’t want this, i want he frigging game that was supposed to be on eu store a month ago!

  7. HOLY POTATOES!! Although I kinda had an inkling this was going to happen, but will this be a download or BD release (or maybe I’ll go ask Telltale myself)?

  8. Wicked. I got these on PC and if you even slightly liked any of the previous Monkeys you will love these! Story is one of the best yet with great twists, brilliant quirky humour, fantastic characters and voice acting and fun puzzles that are just the right side of infuriating

    • I value your opinion, but the joke style was just a rehash of previous Monkey Island games. During their time there was heavy satire and pop-culture references, these are completely missing from the new additions. The humour concentrates on the established stereotypes of each character and adds nothing new. That said, Lair of the Leviathan (the manatee level) was excellent!

  9. awesome, will be getting this as soon as I’ve played 1 and 2 special edition, where is it dammit!

  10. I’ll slide to nearest store to my this game with my trusty Rubber-Chicken-With-A-Pulley-In-The-Middle

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