Force Unleashed II Betrayal Trailer

LucasArts have unveiled an early look of their Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II E3 footage, with a trailer they’re calling “Betrayal.” Of course, considering the budding franchise is pretty much built on a foundation of mercurial treachery and the Sith’s inability to contain themselves from stabbing each other in the back, we’re finding it difficult to even feign shock that Vader would turn on his student and order his death. Then again, everything you’re about to see below is still infinitely better than anything you saw in the prequels – Natalie Portman’s mid-drift excluded.

The four minute and change cinematic positively drips lightsaber coolness; the apprentice seen once again flipping out and going on a “I’ve been bamboozled and now I’m going to take it out on pretty much the entire galaxy” warpath.

The first Force Unleashed suffered from some samey gameplay not to mention a tangible sense of repetition. Here’s hoping LucasArts have channelled the force and corrected some earlier issues in The Force Unleased II while keeping up the strong narrative found in its progenitor. That said, we’re still wondering what the hell Vader was thinking leaving two lightsabers in the prison cell. Dude, the guy can crush metal with his mind – he doesn’t need a helping hand. Unless you wanted him to escape. Ahh, Lord Vader, you are quite wily.

Source: GameTrailers



  1. I will definately be investing in that little cookie!

  2. ok my inner geek just exploded

  3. Awesome trailer, can’t wait!!

  4. that looks really good lets hope it plays as well as it looks

  5. Great trailer, will add this to my list of games to keep an eye on!

  6. Guys, is it a trailer, or is it a cut scene? I started watching it and it looked like a starting cutscene, and I don’t want to spoil the game.

    • “The four minute and change cinematic …”

      It’s a cut scene. That said, there’s no guarantee this isn’t a cut-scene made only to promote the game.

      • Thanks, but that was the reason I was confused.
        It’s called a cinematic in the article, but the title of the article is ‘Force Unleashed II Betrayal *Trailer*’.

        Does it give anything away?

      • Well, a trailer can be both gameplay footage or cut-scenes. If it shows anything of the game then it classifies as a trailer.

        Does it give anything away? Nothing I haven’t already mentioned in the article (or you couldn’t work out yourself from playing the last game.)

        Darth betrays the apprentice. The apprentice flips out and kills lots of stormtroopers/droids.

        The very last scene might be considered spoilerific in that it shows something that will probably be featured heavily in the game and seems to be a plot point. I won’t say anymore in case you’re one of those people that needs to know nothing going into a game. I think you’ll find it hard not to find out before the game launches, however.

      • Thanks. I’m not trying to avoid it completely, it’s just that with the last game, I knew almost the whole story before it was even released, from one source or another, and it kind of spoiled the game for me.
        Thanks again.

      • No problem. I say watch it, but when you hear the line “Nothing can stop me now,” kill the browser!

      • Watched it. Mind blown. Want more.

      • The question is: do you feel spoilered?

  7. Hmmm.. I wonder if it’ll have Move controlled Lightsabers..

  8. Looks great, I’ve not played a Star Wars game since the ps2 and I’ll be lookin’ forward to gettin’ myself this latest one :)

  9. epic trailer love it

  10. Impressive stuff but nothing compared to that first trailer a few years back the one with the Star destroyer and the force…..
    BTW the Apprentice is that dude from Smallville season 8

    • Yeah it’s Sam Witwer who’s been in quite a few shows, mainly as one off guest appearances, but he was also a regular character in the first season of Battlestar Galactica.

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