Where To Watch The E3 Conferences

E3 can be a confusing time when you’re having to work out who’s streaming what and what time stuff’s on, so here’s a helpful cut out and keep* reminder so you can be sure you’re not missing anything.

What time are the big shows on?

  • Microsoft Press Conference
    Monday, June 14th – 18:30 UK Time (other regions)
  • Nintendo Press Conference
    Tuesday, June 15th, 17:00 UK Time (other regions)
  • Sony Press Conference
    Tuesday, June 15th 20:00 UK Time (other regions)

And the publisher events?

Who’s streaming it?

We’ve not quite nailed down our plans for liveblogging and so on, but we’ll update you as soon as we get it all sorted out and decide what’s best for the site given our resources.

Thanks to GAF for some of the dates and times.

* don’t.


  1. What time does the microsoft actually start? Eurogamer, 1up and gamespot have it starting at 6, not half past.

    • yeh, gamespot says in 1hr for me now (time is 5pm) so I’m a lil confused now too…

  2. i think the sony one should be streamed via vidzone. it has streamed live events before. yes, it might be for music, but there’s no other streaming service available on the ps3 so why not?

  3. Thanks for this, although Ill probaby end up watching it on someother stream on Justin.tv as the big sites generally get hammered with visitors.

  4. G4 TV are streaming as well via UStream

    That are showing every even and good news it works with PS3.
    Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Sony and Konami.


    Direct on PS3 browser at

    • err some typo’s.

      1 thing need to add, PS3 dosn’t have a godaddy certificate, so to watch it without problem just allow it, ie select YES.

  5. No Kinect price announced. Wonder if they’re waiting to see what Sony do first

    • Strange that, But had no problem with new XBox360 and announcing it price.

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