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LittleBigPlanet 2: New Features

At Sony’s E3 last night, we saw some of the new features of LittleBigPlanet 2. We were shown how diverse the new tools were, with the examples of mini-games that had been created in just 24 hours. Competitive scoring was also shown, but there are many more features and updates in LBP2 that we haven’t seen yet.

It is now much easier to edit objects, objects can now be hidden to allow editing of other items behind them and multiple objects can be selected at once. The Popit can now be expanded to fullscreen, with categories able to be collapsed at will, including a new category that features all of the materials and stickers used in the level. To make this even easier, keyboard and mouse support is included, which features keyboard shortcuts and allows you to type in distances.

Switches and magnetic keys have also had an overhaul. The wiring is a lot more neat and the proximity switches can now be set to activate when a certain number of Sackpeople are in range. There is a brand new End Switch, that ends the level as soon as it is pressed. The emitters can now emit as soon as there is a free space and the items emitted can now explode, vanish, dissolve or even change size. These can now be connected to other objects in the level, with emitters being able to be ‘nested’ inside of each other.

The camera can now be pulled out further than ever before, and can also be rotated. The cutscene camera acts differently, it can pan across, zoom, fade out or can have a shake effect for some epic cutscenes. It also looks like the player has their own camera whilst playing online, rather than being confined to one section of the screen. Sounds are now more versatile and many more sounds are available. The lighting effects have many more colour options, with the fogginess acting as a percentage rather than just on or off.

New in-game items are featured, with the addition of bounce pads (like mini trampolines!), the distance of these can be altered and are described as very accurate. A grappling hook is now available, which basically works as a long arm for Sackboy. A gun style object, much like the Paintenator, which is instead in the form of a helmet can now be chosen, it can emit anything, as we saw in one of the mini-games in Sony’s E3 presentation. Power gloves make Sackboy strong, allowing him to pick up any object and throw it, changing the object between layers and across the level.

New tools are present, such as a “Magic Joystick”, which allows creators to map the analogue stick in the game. An anti-gravity device is available, which allows objects to be only partly affected by gravity, or not affected completely. The material tweaker can be used to change the bounciness of a material or even make it indestructible, and materials can now be made lethal or not lethal. You can add notes to your items, so if you go back to it at a later date, you will know what each switch does.

The new category of items is called “movers”. These allow you to move objects around without much hassle. Speeds, acceleration and much more can be changed on these to allow free movement of your objects. The new direct control chairs allow Sackboy to sit down and move objects himself, using the buttons on the controller. This can be used for many mini-games that need different control schemes and feature full analogue and sixaxis control.

All of the tools can be connected to a central microchip to allow easier control of items and to take up less space. Sackbots can be programmed to work like real Sackpeople. They can be scared of hazards, be edited to allow them to switch layers, follow the player or even be edited for simple actions such as running, jumping or grabbing.

Many more materials are available. A light material, animated materials, basic fluffy materials and filter materials (which change the look of objects behind them, such as a pixelated look). A new material known as the ‘vacuum’ material allows for a hologram style image that can be as transparent or as solid as you like to be placed anywhere, much like gas.

These are just some of the brand new features and tools available in LittleBigPlanet 2. The rest of these features can be seen over at LBPCentral.


  1. Time to sell my LBP, Although I’m afraid I can’t use my level if I do.

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