XBox Slim Trade In Deal Announced

GAME have announced their Xbox 360 Slim trade in deals in which you can hand in your hardware and get a sexy new slim Xbox with a bigger hard drive and built in wifi.

All you need to do is hand in your built in wifi’d, hard drive’d, Blu-ray playing PS3 slim and get another games console of similar spec but with a larger hard drive and a DVD player instead of Blu-ray. Oh, and pay GAME twenty five quid as well.


Thankfully you can also trade in that Wii that you got for Christmas but never used since; the full list of trade in deals from GAME are:

  • Xbox 360 Elite £99.99
  • Xbox 360 60GB Pro £119.99
  • Xbox 360 20GB Pro £139.99
  • PS3 Slim 120GB £24.99
  • PS3 80GB £59.99
  • PS3 40GB £69.99
  • Nintendo Wii £124.99

Source: MCV



  1. Duh… yeah that sounds like a good idea. While i’m at it i’ll trade my PSP for a game boy colour.

    • Haha yeah. Who likes the best technology anyway

  2. Swapping a PS3 for an Xbox… are you MAADDD!!! :-)

    • i’m furious. :)

      • can’t believe it’s even been mentioned ;-)

        Reading elsewhere that the new slim xbox is causing problems with the discs?

      • nobody remember that sketch then?
        another line might help.

        In order to accommodate the funeral,I’ve had to cancel afternoon school on Wednesday.


        anyway, back on topic, i was in game yesterday and saw somebody trading in their ps3, and it sounded like they were planning on getting the slim 360 with the trade in value.
        not something i’d consider, i wouldn’t get much for a broken ps3 anyway.
        i mean, it looks nice and all and i’d love to have one but, i’d rather have a ps3.

  3. that is quite amusing i wonder how many people do this

  4. no PS3 60gb trade in? Nooooooo….

  5. is that the black wii or the white wii ?

  6. Are they serious? What has this world come to? You’ll trade your blue ray player, to an uglier DVD player ? Are you mad?!!!

  7. Nothing about trading in Arcades? Disappointed.

  8. Hmm, I might be able to get rid of my faulty Phat and get a 360!

  9. I say they are all bad trades for the end user.
    …but does this include ylod/rrod bricks? :O

    • It’s worth a try, I remember a friend trading in his 360 a while ago and they didn’t bother plugging it in to check or anything! hell, even when I traded in MW2 they didn’t even check to see if the disc was in there!

      • Then again if they did check it and it was rrod/ylod you’d look a right prat!

      • Or just play it off, like “You broke my PS3!!!” =)

  10. So, more trade-in value for ps3’s than 360’s, that’s interesting.

    • That actually makes a lot of sense. PS3 is a premium console with hardware features that the Xbox doesn’t have (eg. BluRay).

      • Well I think they do that to get more people trade in the ps3 and win them over?

      • That’s a fair point bunimomike. I guess also the older 360 consoles could be considered out-going technology now the new xbox is here (almost) and that would de-value them also.

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