UFC Fitness Title Announced

Listen up you bunch of namby pamby softies, this is your games console speaking and I’m going to turn you in to a real man. That’s right you bunch of flower aficionados, play time is over; it’s time do some hard physical exercise.

Forget those other fitness games, drop that copy of ‘Just Dance’, real men do not dance! For God’s sake, don’t shake that booty! Think about John Wayne, Jason Statham or Brock Lesnar. Brock doesn’t dance, he can barely walk.

What you need is a copy of ‘UFC Trainer’, the new fitness title from THQ specifically targeted at men. You wont be hula hooping your way to a pert butt or balancing on one foot on a tea tray with this title my boy. Here is a real man, THQ’s  Danny Bilson, to tell you more,

“We want this thing tuned to perfection without lag and I’m not going to ship it until it’s the coolest fighting thing in the world.”

Did you hear that, you maggots? This is not a game! This is a FIGHTING THING! RAWR! You will need Kinect or Move for the title when it launches on January 1st 2011, so make sure you don’t break your console whilst poncing about to Singstar on New Years Eve.

Source: Gamespot


  1. Thats my new years resolution sorted then

  2. Louis Theroux anyone?

  3. Sounds interesting actually, a fitness game title aimed at men seems like a good idea given the console demographics of the PS3/360…

    Is there a trailer or any more gameplay details, or is it just an announcement at this stage?

  4. Tuffcub – will you visit all of us individually to see how we’re doing?

    • Me? The thirteenth Duke of Wynbourne? Lots of hot, sweaty men? Wih my reputation? Bingo!

  5. This one sounds quite interesting. Bought the high street honey’s dvd some time ago but the only exercise that gave me was with my right arm. Maybe this could actually get me to exercise instead?

  6. 19 pages of invisible comments?

  7. How come this thread says it has 293 posts ? :S

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