Monkey Island 2 Locked For 7th July

Following straight on from today’s launch of the first Monkey Island Special Edition on PlayStation 3 comes news that the Special Edition of the second game, LeChuck’s Revenge, is due on the 7th of July.

IGN has detailed the updated, remixed version of the point and click classic, revealing that the game’s main hero, Guybrush Threepwood, will be controllable with the analog stick as opposed to the mouse-like control of the first game.

In addition, you can press L1 to highlight objects you can interact with, the pop-up control options will only show the relevant functions, and the sublime voice acting will be available in the classic mode, too, should you want it.

The game will also include voice-over commentary and unlockable concept art.  Unmissable.


  1. 3 straight Weeks of Monkey Island goodness! Awsome!

  2. on the blog mike says its coming on the 7th july post 115

    • I was just coming to post this too. Next week will be US release.

  3. Erm, the linked story says it’s 7th July as well!

    • Which would be in two weeks…

      • Wrong week, and no Confirmation of EU date… Sloppy journalism :p

  4. the eu date is the 7th of july mike has confirmed this on the blog

  5. Great news! I hope they’ll also remake Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken and Grim Fandango :)

    • dont forget a new version of day of the tentacles

      • And indiana jones and the fate of atlantis!!

  6. my faith in the psn store has been reaffirmed in the past 3 weeks specially with monkey island :)

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