Dead Space 2 ‘Big Announcement’

It’s time for one of those “We are announcing we’re announcing something,” er, announcements. Over on the official Dead Space Facebook page an image has been posted with the text ‘If you look closely you might find that there’s a hint hidden in here about a big announcement we’ll be making this week. Let the guessing begin!’

A crack team of internet weasels have dissected the picture and discovered there is a message in Unitology which, when decoded, reads “Ignition”.  As to what “Ignition” refers to, well we haven’t got a clue. Why not join in with the rest of the interweb and guess in the comments section. I am going to speculate R Kelly shows up in a surprise cameo then gets his head ripped off by a necromorph.

Source: Facebook


  1. I want this as soon at it comes! <3

  2. I found the hint!!
    There’s a ‘2’ ‘hidden’ next to the word Space! That múst be it!
    What could it meeaan?!

  3. can hardly wait for this day one game!

    • im too much of a pussy to play these games lol

      • Don’t feel bad. I think Dead Space is the only game that truly gave me both the heebies and the jeebies. Sure there have been other creepy games, such as any Silent Hill that hasn’t been made in the past 5 years but nothing that comes close to a title that genuinely makes you nervous to walk down that poorly lit corridor or makes you toss your controller in the air when something happens after 5 minutes of silence.

        I hope Dead Space 2 keeps the atmosphere (no pun intended) as oppresive and terrifying this time around.

      • I have to say that I háte horror games because I just can’t play them for more than a couple of minutes…
        Oeh.. I hated the Fear 2 demo..
        But except for Dead Space that is. I loved it.. gave me the creeps sometimes, but they didn’t overdo it.

      • i remember the dead space demo. i turned it on and it was just a gloomy dark corridor and so i started to walk and then just got too nervous and turned the game off :( i can never handle horror games (i hated it when uncharted 1 turned into a horror game with all those creatures) i just figure that when i watch a film and see the character hear a noise and stupidly decide to investigate instead of just leaving, i just say “no, you know what? i won’t go into the creepy house” and so i just turn the game off :)

  4. Is there someone in the window below Isaacs arm?

  5. I usually hate it when this happens, because it just builds to much hype. At least they gave some hint though.

  6. Isn’t Ignition a company?

  7. “Ignition” refers to the mini-game you’ll get to play when the game is loading. It’s the Ignition table from Pinball Fantasies. Awesome!

  8. There’s rumours flying it’s to do with vehicular gameplay

  9. Ignition? Maybe they’re jumping on the Jetpack bandwagon along with Halo Reach and Killzone 3!

    • and littlebigplanet 2.

      • And y’know… the original LBP =P

  10. Maybe just some sort of fire weaponry? Although that would probably not be classed as a big announcement..

    • Considering there are flame throwers in the original Dead Space, that would hardly be announcement worthy.

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