Arc System Works Website Countdown

Click onto Guilty Gear and BlazBlue publisher ‘Arc System Works’ website and you will be greeted by the following screen;


So hopefully in ten days (in Japanese time) something juicy will be announced.  Is anyone crazy enough to release a new beat-em-up with the beast that is Marvel VS Capcom 3 on the way?  We shall see.




  1. I’ll be amazed if this turns out to be a game that scores more than 6 out of 10 :-)

    • Well, their latest BlazBlue game has a Metacritic score of 87 on PS3, 86 on 360 and 81 on PSP. So prepare to be amazed. ;)

  2. is ten days japanese time any different to ten days in the uk? :)

    • Every five days the whole of Japan moves three days ahead of the UK before going back four days for quality control purposes. After that they slow world time down until we all catch up. Ok?

      • that explains a lot. o_O

      • If that extends the weekend, I’m all for it.

      • Hm isn’t Japanese time horizontal?:)

    • No?
      They may be ahead of us (I’m not sure) but an actual day is still the same, 24 hours.

      • Japan is +8 Hours from UK, so not really massive difference

  3. lol oh dear Guilty Gear X3?! brave because this will likely be for fun that Marvel vs Capcom 3

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