Gearbox Director Calls Out Black

Another day, another episode of “When Developers Attack.” Truth be told, we’re getting a bit worried about the “Katonaness” of the games industry of late. If people aren’t getting called a dick (or a prick, we’ll accept either), haughty head-honchos are guffawing during other people’s keynotes only to be told to unceremoniously “fuck off” the next day in a blog tirade. As I so eloquently noted to my fellow TSAians around a soon to be empty packet of dodgers just last week, I’m surprised no one got shanked at Develop this year.

Next up to the controversy plate is Gearbox’s Mikey Neumann. Commenting on Twitter about the recently reported shock announcement that Stuart Black will leave Codemasters before his “fucking operatic” Bodycount will ship, the creative director wonders:


“I don’t know why Stuart Black’s headlines for today don’t read ‘Guy who shits on everyone else’s games can’t finish his own.’ We have the same position, but I don’t go around talking smack about other games because I like games.”

Right. Can we call a moratorium on the current spate of cattiness within the industry?

That said, bitch-fights appear to go down well so maybe you’re all revelling in this new-found animosity between game folk. All we need now is for someone to give a fellow designer a headbutt and OK Magazine will be laughing its ass off at the entire sordid industry.

Source: Twitter via CVG



  1. What the hell is going on?! Lol.

  2. To be honest, I don’t give a shucking fit what these devs think about one another. I know who I respect, and I know who I don’t.

    I respect Naughty Dog, I respect Jaffe, I respect Cage, I even respect Infinity Ward (though I dislike MW2). But I don’t care for devs bad mouthing each other and one another’s games.

    It’s Molyneux Syndrome, the complete inability to just fut the shuck up and get on with making your game sans talking nonsense and eventually shipping something that sucks. Sure hype your game, but don’t knock others’.

    I’m just getting a bit tired of all this. I don’t see Guerilla, MM, ND, Sucker Punch et al taking swings at other companies, and they still get my cash whenever they release something.

    • You walk around TSA like you own the place but I know you’ve been with other sites, you two-bit hussy! 3138 TSA points doesn’t earn you respect. Being able to swear properly does. God!

      Did I do ok? Thought I’d join in with the smack-talk. 8-)

      • Not bad, not bad… I look forward to you practicing your ranting/smack talk in the coming days and months.
        It’s gonna be a wild ride!

      • This sounds like the start of a beautiful relationship

      • Hands off. He’s my verbal-piñata!

      • Sounds like im going to get the chance to buy a hat

    • ‘I don’t see Guerilla, MM, ND, Sucker Punch et al taking swings at other companies, and they still get my cash whenever they release something.’
      Aren’t all those groups owned by or develop only for Sony?

  3. The grudge is well and truly alive… now all we need is a cage, a referee and SKY TV!
    Now thats a UFC PPV I’d like to see.

    • Yahtzee can be the ref, and if one of the contenders brought him pain… he can kill the developer wait… thats a neo-gladitoars

  4. If only DJ-Katy was there to show those wanna-be bitch-fighters how it’s really done… I miss her friday rants… ;_;

    • DJ-katy was cool… I agree I miss Friday rants

      • Was cool, No she is Cool

      • Its my preference of spelling.. or my own style…. jeez

      • Just the past tense sounded like she is not cool anymore


    • You won’t give up with these Mortal Kombat references will you?

    • LOL! It’s pretty random man…and pretty funny too =)

    • Toasty!

  6. Black remains one of the best first-person shooters available, even now, I can still safely say no other game sounds better.

    So as far as i’m concerned, Stuart Black had earned the right to talk about other peoples games and say and what he thought of them, because he had delivered with his.

    If he was a nobody, it would be a different story. So it angers me to see someone who hasn’t delivered anything of note comment on his situation in such a manner, particulary when the full details of what occured haven’t been released.

  7. Hold on, I’m tired and busy so I’ve only just noticed the delicious irony in this.
    Basically it boils down to “That guy’s a dick because he keeps saying other guys are dicks. I’m not enough of a dick to call someone else a dick.”
    Are you listening to yourself?

    • So many dicks…

      • Yeah, so it is… Freud would have a field orgy. I mean field DAY. Field day.
        It’s unprofessional, even when someone just makes up loads of lies about us at TSA (as has happened) we don’t get into a public bickering match. Rise above, stay professional. These guys should know that better than most.

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