Kingdoms Of Amalur Trailer Hits

Unlike Dead Space 2 we’re not going to wait for an embeddable version with this one.
We will, however, tell you how to see the first trailer of Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning – the new fantasy RPG from EA, 38 Studios and the minds of R.A. Salvatore (scribbler), Todd McFarlane (sketcher) and Ken Rolston (Elder). Go here and click on Explore and then Video. See? Simple.

It’s got a bald guy with a huge hammer. What more could you ask for at this hour of the night? Go, watch it, then come back and tell us what you like about it. If you’re lucky, you’re reading this in the morning and we’ve found a version to stick in below.



  1. 38 Studios is the studio set up by some WoW lovin’ American sport dude I think

    • Yep. Curt Schilling. Studio is named after his jersey number in fact.

  2. Looks a tad generic at the mo, I am keeping tabs on this purely because of the talent involved.

    Opening of the trailer is very very Lord of the Rings too :)

  3. Well im interested, shame its not out till the end of next year

  4. i hope you can create your own character and not just be stuck with generic big bald guy.
    specifically i hope you can create a male or female lead character to play.
    the intro’s cool and all but i’ll wait for some gameplay before really making my mind up, but i can see me getting this when it’s out anyway, if it’s an rpg, it’s probably on my list no matter what. :)

  5. Timmy has a bigger Mallet anyway

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