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Rumour: GTA V Set In Hollywood

The cheeky scamps at VG247 are spinning another yarn this morning, flirting with what appears to be one hell of a rumour: Grand Theft Auto V is going to be set in Hollywood.  Yep, that Hollywood.  Ears pricked?

The site’s Patrick Garratt claims, via 500 words of exposition, that Rockstar are going to announce the new title at the Max Payne event.  If so, and if what VG247 are saying is true, consider this one spoiled.

Note that the site doesn’t confirm any sources and as such we can’t possibly suggest any validity to the story – it’s an interesting rumour, and one we’d love to see come to fruition but at this stage it’s absolutely just that.  TheSixthAxis is not privy to this rumour.

We’ll ping off an email to Rockstar, although we’re not expecting anything back.


  1. I don’t understand what this is based on, is it actual news wrapped up in a rather mundane conversation? I prefer GTA when it is set in a fictional place, it allows them to be a bit more silly with the world. I’m not liking this more and more serious style they are going for, bring back Vice City!

  2. This doesn’t make sense. I can’t see one rock star team working on LA Noire and another team working on GTA based in the same location albeit at a different time period.

    • Eurogamer have said that R* “is ramping up research on locations around Hollywood”.

      I think its more likely for LA Noire, been a long time coming and they must be polishing things up.

  3. I want GTA:Sao Paulo, with cocaine and favelas and shit.

    You could start off as a kid, working as a runner or whatever, and gradually move up until you take over the whole slum.

    The story would be immense. And imagine the gunfights between rival gangs in the favela. Turf war would have to play a big part.

    You cannot deny this would be a sick game.

    • Actually, a GTA City of God style game would be awesome!

  4. Boring if true…they need to refresh the series by going to Europe. A Hollywood setting isn’t that exciting.

  5. Does it matter either where it is or what time period it’s set in?

    99% of the content of all of Rockstar’s games since GTA III are exactly the same, and the other 1% was an excellent Table Tennis game

    • Yes, Red Dead Redemption and Midnight Club are almost identical.

      • GTA III, Red Dead Revolver, Vice City (the high point) San Andreas, GTA IV, GTA EfLC Red Dead Redemption,

        the Max Paynes are strikingly similar as was Manhunt (with mild differences)

        LA Noire looks to be GTA LA 1930’s, Agent sounds GTA 1970’s

        How many times are people going to buy the same reskinned content?

      • I’ll let you know when GT5 comes out.

      • GT5 is part of a series, and like any other series it shares the same gameplay as its predecessors.

        Rockstar carry the same-ness across their entire output, as mentioned with the six ‘different’ games/franchises above

      • It’s ok, matey. I was just joking around. I know you (more than most on here) tire of the similar feeling being carried to other franchises. RDR included. I want to see a shorter game where it feels more believable and less repetitive. They won’t lose fans and will gain respect at the same time. I wonder if it’s too difficult (time/money) for them to make it this way. :-\

  6. Also, Vinewood was obviously named so, as Vine Street is one of the main streets in Hollywood…

  7. Its Vinewood in GTA-verse … so San Andreas?

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